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As a result of the Needs Survey for parents sent out at the start of the school year, the following programs have been implemented:
  • A Student of the Month Program that recognizes ALL students who were nominated by their teachers;

  • Increased guidance lessons (and “character kits” available to teachers) in the classroom which are responsive to the current needs and concerns of the students, parents, and teachers;

  • VMA Career Café for our 3rd-6th grade students to assist with career discernment;

  • Career and strengths inventory (Myers-Briggs type) to be administered to 4th -6th grade students in the spring;

  • A Safety and Wellness Day for all elementary students which will include: etiquette classes, the return of stretching/relaxation techniques, summer bike and water safety, healthy food options, and first aid;

  • Parent and student program on internet safety and cyber-bullying;

  • Less emphasis on who qualifies for Duke Tip – more emphasis on how we continue to meet the needs of gifted students (nearly 70% of our 4th grade students qualified!);

  • Individual support for students with organization/communication/study skills.