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Our Therapy Dog

Corie, our therapy dogCorie, a Goldendoodle, has had extensive training and is a certified Therapy Dog at Villa.  Proof of training and registration, as well as liability insurance, have been submitted by her owner, our fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Borchardt.  Mrs. Borchardt has worked to ensure a proper collar, leash, and lead are used and that appropriate rules are in place for Corie, the students, and the faculty/staff.   

Corie greets students at the school doors at arrival and assists if someone is having a rough start to the day. She meets with small groups of students as needed and visits each classroom regularly. Her focus has been on social/emotional needs for our students and reading, as necessary.  Research supports pet therapy in addressing both needs within a school setting.  She helps students and staff remain calm and relaxed; helps students who have been worried; is a friend without judging; helps raise self-esteem and confidence; and has provided many, many smiles on our students and faculty faces.

Mrs. Borchardt, with Corie’s help, gave an all-school presentation at the beginning of the school year so that the students could learn how best to interact with Corie (stay calm, don’t feed her, and use a quiet voice.) Teachers, as well as Mrs. Borchardt, will be responsible when Corie travels from room to room, etc.